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High Altitude Western Gardening

 by Marilyn Quinn  19.95  paperback

   High Altitude Western Gardening is an excellent guide to gardening in the 6,000-foot-plus altitude of the Rocky Mountain region of the western U.S. Local author Marilyn Quinn reveals what plants to choose and when to plant them, and offers valuable information on how to care for plants at high altitude where temperatures can fluctuate wildly at any time of any season, and a short growing season can wreak havoc on green thumb dreams. She explains how to deal with stubborn soil, hungry moose and other critters, snow in July, "thin" soil, unexpected frosts, and every other challenge that one encounters in rugged mountain climes.

The Legend of Colton H. Bryant

by Alexandra Fuller  23.95 hardcover
Release Date May 6 

    Jackson Hole Resident Fuller, author of the bestselling "Dont Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight, " narrates the tragically short life of Colton H. Bryant, a Wyoming roughneck in his mid-20s who in 2006 fell to his death on an oil rig owned by PattersonUTI Energy.  The author is expert in evoking the stark landscape and recreating the speech and mentality of her adopted states native sons. Along the way, she sheds light on the tough, unpredictable lives of Wyomings oilmen and the toll exacted on their families.

Go Green: How to Build an Earth-Friendly Community

by Nancy Taylor   12.95 paperback 

     Nancy Taylor has written a weekly column called "Going Green" for the last five years for the newspaper Planet Jackson Hole. She teaches the course "The Art of Green Living and Building." She is currently working with a committee to draw up green-building guidelines for the town of Jackson and Teton County, Wyoming.Go Green is an indispensable resource for those who are ready to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk! There is a huge movement already underway toward going green, living sustainably, and creating a smaller carbon footprint. This book tells you how to get started. Homeowners, students, profes sionals and elected officials can all learn valuable solutions to saving money and energy.

The Secret History of the War on Cancer

by Devea Davis   27.95 hardcover 

Noted epidemiologist Davis (director, Ctr. for Environmental Oncology, Univ. of Pittsburgh Cancer Inst.) and part time Jackson resident, continues her effort to hold industrial polluters accountable for birth defects and miscarriages, environmentally caused diseases and premature deaths, and blighted environments and communities.As in her National Book Awardnominated "When Smoke Ran Like Water", Davis outlines a shocking history of the unrestrained manufacture and distribution of toxic industrial chemicals, synthetic hormones, and tobacco products and the effort by artful public relations campaigns, skillful corporate lawyers, and complicit government agencies to conceal the brutal damages these contaminators cause.

   Favorite local author Tim Sandlin has a new book, Rowdy in Paris. Rowdy Talbot, bullrider, goes to Paris and teaches the French how to cowboy-up. Tim’s new book is poignant, satirical, and full of intrigue, but most of all Tim’s sense of humor is in full bloom and the book is very, very, funny.